What We Do

As executive advisors, we provide consulting and coaching services, design and deliver professional workshops, and teach academic courses to help institutions leverage design thinking for greater collaboration and growth.



There are times when the best way to change and grow, is to do so from within.  By tapping into our core expertise and professional affiliates, we bring the right needed skills and talent to help you get things done from the inside while growing your strategic and tactical capabilities.  At the end of these projects, we leave you confident that your team has new capabilities which endure.


With the VP of Design within a multinational CPG company, we established key metrics within innovation frameworks to enable better decision making and collaboration, particularly with regards to resource allocation and strategic investments in new product development and ventures. The company was better able to align design, marketing, and operational processes.

Working within the CTO office of a Fortune 100 company, we developed the frameworks and processes to align strategic decisions that are grounded in a stakeholder-experience roadmap.   We did so in partnership with key internal team members so they were confident they could build upon that foundation to drive experience-centered decisions broader and deeper throughout the organization.

Professional Workshops

We design and deliver professional development workshops at design and innovation conferences, within corporations and for the public, around the globe.

Recent Workshops:
Design Leadership: How to Identify and Communicate the Value of Design (March 2017, Singapore)

Tailored Coaching


As your coach, we help you and your team see your specific circumstances objectively and provides you with the tools you need to deal with the complexities of your situation.  We are qualified and equipped to offer you offer the tools and approaches you need to accelerate learning, improve critical thinking skills, improve your interaction within a team and increase self-awareness.

Recent Examples:
As the strategic advisor and coach to the Vice President for Strategy at a local non-profit, we helped him to move their strategic decision making from hierarchical to truly stakeholder-centered.


We teach design and design thinking courses in schools and universities, ranging from secondary to postgraduate levels.

Recent Examples:
We developed and launched a design curriculum in a public school district in the state of Washington.  As a result, students are becoming better able to work together to harness their creativity, critical thinking skills and knowledge of STEM fundamentals -- setting them up to be successful in the future.

We have also taught design courses as guest lecturers and faculty at leading universities such as Parsons the New School, University of the Arts, Philadelphia University and Tsinghua University.